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Who would have thought that an idea that emerged and implemented in August 2017, would bring us to this point. That idea??? The idea of bringing locally sourced and healthy food to the Apex community. Apex was one of the few cities in the triangle that did not have a place to purchase raw seafood. I have heard and witnessed so many people of Apex, voice that they wanted seafood, but didn’t want to drive to Cary, Durham, or Raleigh for it. They stated that if there was only a place in their community that provided raw seafood then they would definitely frequent it.

Being an NC State (GO WOLFPACK!!!!) graduate in Animal Science, and taking several classes pertaining to seafood, I am able to quickly assess what is good quality and poor quality seafood, as to bring and provide THE BEST product to my customers. My Logo and motto says it all......Apex Seafood & Market: The Peak Of Good Seafood.

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